After America, Britain is now turning its back on China, and China may be in crisis

BanglaHunt Desk: After America, this time the face against China is Britain. Britain protested against China this year after the US because of the Corona virus (COVID-19). British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also suffered from the disease. At present his physical condition is somewhat stable. So this time Britain has decided to forgo all ties with China. They want to stop Chinese investment in high-tech and strategic industries. They too claim that the Chinese have been secretive about the virus.

At the moment, China claims they have handled the virus a lot. But after the lockdown was lifted, the number of people suffering from the disease again increased in China. According to experts, the second phase of the virus has now begun in China. In this situation, Britain said they would now renegotiate the London-Beijing relationship. They will think about relations with China.

High-tech companies, such as China's digital communications and artificial intelligence, are banning from Britain. Right now, there are doubts about whether students in China are in need of education in Britain, and whether the British government will continue to teach them.

Again, Britain has claimed that China is hiding the death toll on Corona. Britain's Home Minister Preet Patel, Defense Minister Ben Wallace, Parliamentarian Jacob Reese-Mogg have also turned their doubts on China. But now with China, there is doubt about the way in which business will go their way.

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