After ‘Bikini Girl’ in Delhi Metro, now video of ‘mini skirt girl’ viral, people said – Metro will get it closed


Delhi Metro में

Girl shows amazing moves in Delhi MetroImage Credit source: Instagram/@itz__officialroy

Delhi Metro Video: ‘Delhi Metro’ has been a topic of discussion on social media for the last few days. The reason is the ludicrous act of the reel makers. Recently, people were so upset due to the strange acts of a bikini girl that DMRC had to come in front and say- ‘Travel in metro, don’t trouble’. Now a video of a girl dancing in a mini skirt has surfaced, in which she is seen dancing vigorously on a Punjabi song inside the metro. However, netizens are not happy with this.

In the viral video, a girl in red top and mini skirt can be seen dancing while standing near the pole. The girl has put a mask on her face, due to which her face is not visible. However, in the video you can see that other passengers present in the metro are feeling very uncomfortable due to the girl’s dance. The girl may have shown tremendous moves on the Punjabi song, but perhaps people did not like this video. After seeing this, some are even saying that this girl will get the metro closed.

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Watch here, dance video of girl in mini skirt in Delhi Metro

This video has been shared by the girl herself on her Instagram account @itz__officialroy. Along with this it is written, I know that this is not allowed in Delhi Metro, but I have done this for the first time. This video, shared on April 21, is creating an uproar on the Internet. So far more than 78 thousand people have liked the video, while netizens are reacting fiercely.

One user has written, he has to be caught alive. At the same time, another user has commented, this girl will get the metro closed. Another user has written sarcastically, hey madam, it all looks fine on the stage, not in the metro.

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