After Boris Johnson's recovery, there was a lot of practice on social media about his nurse

BanglaHunt Desk: The global epidemic of Covid 19 has created panic in almost all countries. This deadly disease has not left anyone rich or poor. About 200,000 people have died worldwide. Players, actors, political figures, other stars – many have fallen victim to this disease. The British Prime Minister himself was not left out. In the first week of this month, 55-year-old British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received a positive report in the Corona Test.

A few days ago, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized with a corona infection. He was also kept in critical condition in the ICU. A few days ago, he returned home fully recovered. This was followed by El Jenny McGly, a New Zealand nurse who cared for Boris Johnson in the ICU. Boris himself is full of praise for his devotion and efficiency. But to everyone's surprise, Jenny frankly said that the British Prime Minister was as important to her as the other five patients. Jenny never thought of him differently.

After staying at home for a few days, when his condition worsened, he was admitted to St. Thomas Hospital in London, which is part of the country's National Health Service. On April 12, he recovered and returned home. After that, he praised the doctors and health workers of the country through video message separately. He also mentions the name of a nurse named Jenny McGly, who took care of him in the ICU all the time. He stayed awake for three consecutive nights.

So when the news of Boris Johnson praising him in a special way reached his ears, he did not believe it. Listening to friends, I thought they were joking. He later saw the matter in the media and believed. When asked for his response later, he said the disease is terrible for everyone. Therefore, this disease cannot be taken lightly in the case of any patient. Health workers need to be aware of everyone who is a patient.

Jenny McGly, a New Zealander, has been a nurse in the intensive care unit at Britain's National Health Service for 10 years. He said he had seen many people leave their loved ones in front of his eyes, which was the most painful thing in his work. He thinks that it is the duty of a nurse to keep her head cool at that time, to be steadfast in her duties, to hold the hands of her loved ones and stand by them. He thinks that they need this special role even in this panic of Corona.

After the video message of the Prime Minister, Jenny is now everyone's beloved bride. Everyone is discussing him. The Prime Minister of New Zealand also praised the nurse after her words were spread. He said his country is also proud of Jenny McGly. Jenny herself is overwhelmed by this message of the Prime Minister of the country. Jenny's parents said they were proud to be the family of a nurse.