After breaking the fast, Dr. Toussaint donated plasma, saying, “There is nothing better than saving lives.”


Bengali Hunt Desk: Plasma therapy has started from Saturday at King George Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow. Saturday was the first day of the month of Ramadan. Plasma donations show communal harmony. After opening the fast on the first day, KGMU resident doctor Tousif donated plasma. A few more have agreed to donate plasma, and soon they will begin treating critically ill patients with plasma.

Joy plasma therapy for critically ill patients in the corona is doing a total of resuscitation, the person who has been infected with the virus has started to recover after this therapy.

Dr. Toussaint said, “I thought my life was over after being infected with corona, but I survived due to the treatment of doctors and the kindness of my superiors.” This time my main duty is to save the lives of others. If someone else's life could be saved from my plasma, why not give me plasma? Humanism is the ultimate religion, and there is no greater work than saving lives.

Let me tell you, so far 26,006 people in India have been found to be infected with corona. Of the total infections, 20,463 cases are active. So far, 80 people have died across India. And 6 thousand 523 people have returned home healthy.