After cultivating in the field, the broom-bucket in hand! What happened to the lockdown salmon!


BanglaHunt Desk: A few days ago, Salman Khan was seen plowing a field with a tractor at Panvel's farm house. He also shared mud-covered pictures all over his body. This time he picked up the broom bucket. Salman was seen wiping the house with his mind.

No, no, Sallu Mia did not quit acting. In fact, all he has to do is promote the upcoming season of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss 14 is going to start on Colors TV soon. And his people are so organized.

Salman's reality show has been making headlines for some time now. From the changed format of the show in Corona Abe to the search for new promos or contestants, Bigg Boss is coming up in practice from time to time.

Meanwhile, this picture of Salman, who is busy cleaning the house, went viral. This photo was shared on behalf of Colors TV's official Insta handle. Recently, some new promos have been released by Colors TV. In a recent promo, it was seen that Salmon was eating popcorn while sitting in a cinema hall.

Earlier, Bigg Boss promo was also shot at Panvel Farm House. The promo also showed a glimpse of the actor cultivating his field. Besides, a picture of the promo shooting has also been leaked on social media. Vaizhan was seen shooting on the stage of Bigg Boss.

Incidentally, it has been heard earlier this season that the show's host Salman Khan's salary has been hit. Due to Corona, the actor's salary has to be cut a lot. A lot has changed in the structure of the show due to Corona. It is not possible to keep more people in the shooting set due to social distance. Besides, many safety rules have to be obeyed.

All in all, the producers of the show have to go through a little recession. So they have petitioned Salman to reduce his salary. According to sources, Salman will get a salary of Tk 9 crore per week this season. This amount of money was taken by Sallu Mia as remuneration in the early seasons of Bigg Boss.