After DRDO, CSIR and CSIO have discovered great technology for coping with Corona


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona virus (COVID-19) has swallowed up all over the world. During this time, various organizations in India are working at the war level. Various precautionary measures are being taken. The company has been working hard day and night for those who are constantly fighting against Corona. That is why the personal sanitizer unit has been set up at AIMS, the largest hospital in the country by DRDO. This unit has a chamber built in. When people enter, it will be completely sanitized and exited.

Sanitaryizer will spread to any hospital staff or any other person who enters that chamber. The sanitizer will come out through the pipe and fall on the person in the chamber. As a result, the whole body of the person will be germ free.

The DRDO has also created a full face shield for doctors and nurses in conjunction with the Eupro Company. Earlier DRDO also created a fullbody suite for doctors. The Corona virus has forced the entire world to fall into its normal rhythm. Now the whole country has come together and has become desperate to build a preventive system against the Corona virus.

Corona, on the other hand, launched a 'foot operated tank' in Punjab to prevent the transmission of the virus. This call was made with the technical assistance of CSIR and CSIO. Currently, this modern type of mill has been installed in Punjab hospital. However, the message about setting it up at a railway station in Punjab is going on soon. Water will be available without touching this mill. Since the disease is spreading by touch, this call has been discovered. There is a handle near the bottom of the foot, which, when pressed, will cause water to fall from the upper mill. If you leave the handle again, the water will stop falling. That means there is no use of the hand here. This way water can be used without touching it.

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