After four years of registry, Durnibar-Meenakshi said everything from social marriage, dress to menu

Durnibar Saha and Meenakshi Mukherjee are the most popular musical duo in Tollywood. Although the registry of the two got married in 2016, they did not have a social marriage. That good day is finally coming. Durnibar and Meenakshi are going to tie the knot on February 21.

The musical couple recently leaked all their wedding plans to Anandabazar Digital. Music, wedding and reception are going to be a grand event for three days. Newtown The wedding and reception party is going to be held at the 'Swapnabhor' banquet.

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February 20 will be a music program and Mehndi. Meenakshi will dress in a long gown on this day. On the other hand, Durnibar can be seen with a sherwani and a closed throat. However, if the Bengali marriage is not according to the former, what is acceptable? The bride and groom are the same. So, following the old tradition of red Benarsi, dhoti Punjabi, Durnibar Meenakshi will sit on the wedding pedestal.

Needless to say, there will be a big cut in the list of guests for the wedding in Corona. The wedding ceremony must follow all safety rules. The bride and groom said that only close friends and relatives are on the list of invitees. Durnibar and Meenakshi have been chatting, singing and laughing for three days.

The wedding outfit is, if you leave out the food or go! He will also have a pouring system. At the wedding, guests will be treated with Bengali terms like shrimp malaikari, mutton kasha and at the reception with biryani, pressure and firni.

By the way, the first talk in 2015 was between Durnibar and Meenakshi. Like everyone else, Meenakshi saw Durnibar for the first time on the Saregamapar stage. Find out from there on social media. The two start talking, then love. Durnibar and Meenakshi got married in two years. Finally the two are going to come to the attic.