After landing the raffle, Pakistan is on the doorstep of the international arena with the request of not allowing India to submit weapons!


Bengali Hunt Desk: When the Indian Air Force's multi-fold Rafale landed on Indian soil, its sound could be heard from Ambala Airbase to Islamabad. There was only waiting for the raffle to land, then there was panic in Pakistan. Pakistan's foreign ministry has complained that India is stockpiling more weapons than it actually needs. Pakistan has demanded in the international arena that they stop India from stockpiling weapons.

Imran Khan / imran khan

Pakistan has said that this could lead to a competition for arms in South Asia. Pakistan's foreign ministry says India has been steadily increasing the number and capability of its nuclear weapons. Pakistan has said that India's action could create even bigger problems. Pakistan says India is now the world's second largest importer of weapons. It could worsen political relations in South Asia.

In Pakistan, on the other hand, there is such a rush to get information about raffle that Google started trending raffle. According to Google Trends, some people in Pakistan are Google to find out the price of Rafale, while others are repeatedly searching Google to find out which is the most sophisticated fighter jet in the world. Not only Rafale, Pakistanis also started searching the internet for information about the Indian Air Force.

Many Pakistanis are again searching for the difference between a fighter jet F-16 and a Rafale and which is more dangerous. And Pakistanis set a record by repeatedly searching on Google on Wednesday and Thursday. According to reports, Google is still trending raffle in Gilgit-Baluchistan, Islamabad, Sindh and Punjab.

I would like to inform that after the arrival of Rafale, the strength of Indian Air Force has multiplied many times to carry out air strikes in Pakistan. The US-built F-16 jets will be able to deal directly with Rafale fighter jets, which have mastered their own tactics in Iraq and Libya. According to experts, raffle fighting will become a game changer and the pressure on Pakistan will increase once the aircraft is in India's hands.