After leaving her profession, she returned to the doctor's profession.

Meeting the Doctor is like a deity. And that proved to be Mukherjee, the crown winner of Miss England's crown in the 21st. Corona has returned to the UK after leaving her career in this new fashion world to serve patients as a doctor in the virus epidemic. Languages ​​Mukherjee took a break from her career as a junior doctor in December 2002, competing in the Miss World.

Because she wanted to work for the fashion world. But after winning the crown of Miss England, Mukherjee represented England in the competition. She wants to treat everyone here now.

In an interview that day, he said, “In early March, I was in India for four weeks on behalf of the Coventry Marcia Lions Club, a development and community charity for which they wanted me to be an ambassador there. They visited several schools with stationary grants. “

The situation in England is very bad right now. Many people suffer from coronas. Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, East England, received reports of a coronary virus from former colleagues at his old hospital, and said he would return to the hospital to help them.

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