After losing Corona, the Delhi government ordered one thousand Jamaat members to return home


Bengali Hunt Desk: In Delhi's Nizamuddin, the Delhi government took important decisions regarding patients associated with the Jamaat. Delhi Health and Home Minister Satyendra Jain said about a thousand Corona-infected Jamatis had recovered and had been ordered to return home. Police will also take action against those who are being prosecuted.

Let me inform you that more than four thousand people were arrested from Nizamuddin Morocco or other places at the end of March. Coronary infections were found in more than a thousand of them. The rest were sent to quarantine at different places. For those who have recovered from Corona, the government has ordered them to go home.

It is to be noted that Tabligh Jamaat has been the focus of practice for over a month now due to the spread of Corona virus infection in the country. Many state governments have blamed the Tabligh Jamaat for the rapid spread of Corona in the state.

In March, a large number of congregations rallied in Morocco in defiance of Corona's rule. Many of them have symptoms of corona in their body. An FIR was then lodged against Maulana Saad, the head of the Delhi Center. So far, Delhi Police have not been able to arrest Maulana Saad. However, after the test, Maulana Saad's report came negative.