After losing to cancer last year, this time the 4-year-old won by losing to Corona

BanglaHunt Desk: The disease does not leave him behind but the disease also scares him. This time he lost to Corona for 4 years. He has been battling cancer for a long time, his body's immunity is low, but he also lost to Corona. On April 1, 4-year-old Shivani was admitted to Al Futtaim Health Hub in Dubai. Shivani's mother, a frontline health worker in Dubai, also contracted the deadly virus, which infected little Shivani. But Shivani returned victorious. He is the youngest in the UAE to recover from Corona.

Last year, Shivani battled a type of kidney cancer called ganglioneuroblastoma, winning. But his body's immunity was low, so he was kept under special observation in the hospital.

He was released from the hospital on April 20. Shivani's doctor said, “Last year Shivani had to take chemotherapy, the body's immune system was weak. But he did it too! ” According to hospital sources, Shivani was undergoing treatment at the hospital for 20 days. He was released after two consecutive saliva test reports were negative. Shivani will be in quarantine in 14 houses at present.