After Orissa, rare yellow tortoise has been seen in Bengal too, take a look at the viral picture of this beautiful animal.

Viral photo: We are accustomed to seeing turtles usually green or olive in color. But in the lockdown, a yellow tortoise was seen in Orissa. Which is very rare, this time the same color tortoise was seen in Bengal. It is learned that this rare species of tortoise has been rescued from a pond in Burdwan.

The current era is the era of social media. Residents of the net neighborhood share any picture or video captured on a smart phone with the rest of the world. And because of that viral picture or video, anyone becomes a star or a villain overnight. Again, just like some videos and pictures make Netpara think, many posts make the mind feel good even in bad times. Such a mind blowing video is viral on social media right now.

It is known that similar genetic mutations have been observed in both turtles. Foresters are still unsure whether it is a disease or a completely new species of tortoise. However, the picture of this sweet yellow turtle has once again gone viral on Netdunia.

The tortoise was found by a villager in Balasore, 196 km from Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa. Vanumitra Acharya, one of the senior officials of the forest department, said, “The whole shell and body of the rescued turtle is yellow. It's a rare tortoise, I've never seen one before. “

Sharing a video of the tortoise, forest worker Sushant Nanda wrote, “It's probably an albino. A few years ago, the locals of Sindh found another one like this. As soon as it was posted on social media, the turtle was surrounded. His pictures and videos went viral at the moment.