After quadruple profits, Adani’s company is making huge earnings for investors, know how


चार गुना मुनाफे के बाद अडानी की कंपनी निवेशकों की करा रही ताबड़तोड़ कमाई, जानें कैसे

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Releasing the fourth quarter, Adani Group’s Geen Energy Company said that its profit in the March quarter has increased by 319 percent, ie four times. After bringing herself in profit, she has also started making huge profits for the investors. After the holiday of three days, there has been a tremendous rise in the shares of the company. By the way, since February 28, the company’s stock has taken a jump of 127 percent. Let us tell you that Adani Green has made a profit of more than Rs 500 crore in the March quarter.

5% upper circuit in Adani Green shares

After the jump in profit and revenue, the shares of Adani Green are seeing a good boom. The company’s stock rose by 5 per cent to Rs 998.10. At present, the company’s stock is trading at Rs 972.55 with a gain of 2.31 per cent. During the trading session, the stock of Adani Green had also reached Rs 953. By the way, today the company’s stock opened at Rs 998.10 only.

127 percent jump after February 28

Talking about the shares of Adani Green, the shares of the company have seen a jump of 127 per cent after 28 February. According to the data, the company’s share was at Rs 439.35 on February 28, which reached Rs 998.10 during today’s trading session. This means that the company’s shares have seen a gain of Rs 558.75 in two months. If experts are to be believed, the shares of the company may see further increase in the coming days.

Adani Green Energy’s profit increased four times, know how the income increased

Good growth in market cap as well

Talking about the market cap of the company, there has been a lot of increase in that too. According to the data, when the market closed on February 28, the market cap of Adani Green had come down to Rs 69,594.46 crore. Since then it has increased a lot. Today, when the company’s share reached Rs 998.10, the market cap of the company came to Rs 1,58,102.28 crore. This means that an increase of Rs 88,507.82 crore has been seen in the market cap of the company. At present, the market cap of the company has come down to Rs 1,54,031.32 crore.

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