After retirement, the banker passed NEET and was admitted to the medical college at the age of 84


It is said that age is just a number. You can start anything at any age. Many people have succeeded with new initiatives at an older age by blowing away the age One of them is this former deputy manager of State Bank of India.

Joy Kishore is a resident of Bargarh, Orissa. At the age of 84, he was admitted to MBBS. You too will be surprised to know this inspiring story of his.

At that age people want to remove themselves from all actions and engage in the pursuit of God. At that age, he started studying in college with new enthusiasm.

After 4 years of retirement as a Bank Officer, the Chief obtained NEET qualification and was admitted to the MBBS course. He was admitted to Surendra Sai Medical Science and Research Institute in Bura.

The Chief has retired from the State Bank of India as Deputy Manager. He worked at State Bank for 40 years. But his dream since childhood was to become a doctor.

After retiring, when he had plenty of time on his hands, he went down to the ground to make his dream come true. After completing the preparation, he took the exam in the All India NEET exam. Succeeding in that, he was admitted to the medical college as a student with new initiative.