After Riaz Naik, the master of arithmetic, this time this doctor will handle the responsibility of Hezbollah in Kashmir!


Bengali Hunt Desk: The Indian Army on Wednesday killed Riyaz Naikoo, a Hizbul Mujahideen militant in Avantipura, Jammu and Kashmir. And since then, the militant group Hizbul has been looking for a new commander in Kashmir. It is rumored that anyone close to Riaz will be given charge of Hezbollah in Kashmir. The security agency is keeping an eye on the whole incident. I would like to inform you that 26 operations have been carried out in the last few days in the valley. 64 militants were killed in the operation.

According to sources, the two are in the running to become the new militant commander of Hezbollah. A doctor Saifullah (Aurangzeb) (dr saifullah) and Junaid Sehrai. It is heard that Saifullah is ahead in the race of these two. And he may be given the responsibility of Hezbollah. Saifullah is a resident of Malangpora in Pulwama district. He was also a member of Burhan Wani's gang. And he is known to be very close to Riaz Naik.

Dr. Saifullah is now quite active in the South Kashmir area. He has been given the label of A ++ category militant. After eliminating Naiku, the army is now searching for this notorious militant. According to Naik, Saifullah used to brainwash the youth of Kashmir and recruit them in militant organizations.

Earlier, he came to practice after treating militants during an encounter. Saifullah took part in the 2014 militant organization Tanjim. He was also Hezbollah's operations commander in South Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir Police IG Vijay Kumar told a press conference that the police had been behind Riaz for the past six months. After receiving complete information, he was killed by all sorts of plans. He also said that 26 operations against militants have been carried out in Jammu and Kashmir since January this year, in which 64 militants have been killed.