After Roshan-Sravanti, this time Jitu-Navneeta, the rumor of 'separation' is again in Tollywood!

BanglaHunt Desk: Jeetu Kamal and Nabanita Das are the most popular stars on the small screen. The two are also one of the most popular couple in the cine industry. The couple got married two years ago after completing their love affair.

But this time the relationship of this pair is on the verge of breaking up. Such rumors are being heard from a social media post of Jitu. Jitu recently posted a video about the separation. And as much speculation as he started. Is there anything in that video?

In fact, the actor has made the whole video a funny trick. The video shows the voice of a man asking Jitu, “Brother, I heard you have a breakup.” In reply, the actor said that those who love truth never have a breakup. There are only minor quarrels. Meanwhile, Jitu's phone can actually be heard in the female voice 'Sorry Babu'.

Jitu made this whole video about breakup with fun. He shared the video on his Insta handle. And this video is viral as soon as it is shared.

In fact, for the last few days, rumors have been circulating about Sravanti and Roshan's marriage. Both of them disappeared from the social media handle. Suddenly, Sravanti removed most of the pictures of her husband Roshan from her Instagram handle. There are only a few pictures. However, she has put her name Sravanti Singh on Insta Handle.

The last picture of Sravanthi with Roshan is on her Insta handle about a year ago. Over the last few days, rumors have been circulating on social media about this issue. According to news sources, Roshan has informed that they have been separated for some time before Dashmi.