After seeing India's contribution to the world's danger, the UN made big comments

BanglaHunt Desk: The Indian government has repeatedly praised India for its role in the transmission of coronary virus (COVID-19) in the world. This time the UN Secretary-General Anthony salutes India. He said, “In times of danger, forgetting the old words and learning how to stand beside others should learn from India to other countries.”

In China, millions of people around the world have lost their lives due to the coroner virus. Millions of people have been affected. Even in the midst of this crisis, the Indian government is constantly fighting to protect its citizens. Lockdown warns citizens of social distance In addition to this, they are helping other countries including neighboring countries, providing them with medicines and food items as needed. India has received praise from various countries during this great struggle. This time, the United States Secretary General was praised for India.

India has already helped eight other countries, including the United States, with hydroxy chloroquine. In this situation, the UN chief said, “We are talking about uniting all the countries of the world in this crisis of the Corona virus. This time one country should stand next to another. We salute other countries, including India, who stand side by side in this wartime situation. How to stand beside others in times of danger and learn from other countries should learn from India. '

More than 3 people have been applied in New York in the United States with drugs shipped from India. The Indian government first banned the export of these drugs. But with the ban on exports of drugs in the fall, many more countries send these drugs from India. Currently, the drug is being used temporarily to prevent the transmission of coronary virus.

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