After Sunita and Kalpana Chawla, another girl of Indian descent is flying in space.

Bangla Hunt Desk: Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams once made India proud by flying in space as a woman of Indian descent. Many days have passed since then and India has already sent the first Mars vehicle to Mars. Once again, Sirisha Bandla, the daughter of Indo-American masterpiece, made India proud. Although Sirisha was born in Karnataka, she grew up in Houston. He is currently the Vice President of Government Affairs and Research Operations at Virgin Galactic.

His team is preparing to go into space on July 11 at the initiative of US billionaire Richard Branson. Sirisha is the number four crew of this team. He is a researcher. He has been involved in space research more than once before. Unity 22 has a big responsibility on his shoulders. His companions on the tour are Chief Pilot Dave McKay, Pilot Michael Masuchi, Astronaut Calling Bennett, Beth Moses and Richard Branson.

Karnataka Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is happy with Sirisa’s remarkable achievement. In a series of tweets, he greeted the entire team and Sirisha of Indian descent. She wrote on Twitter, “Girls of Indian descent continue to break their self-imposed glass boundaries. Sirisha Bandla, daughter of Telugu roots, is ready to fly in VSS Unity. Which makes Indians proud. “

After his tweet, netizens also started praising Sirisha. There is a flood of tweets in the book to greet this girl of Indian descent. Sirisha also responded to everyone’s praise. “Everyone loves me so much, I don’t need to tweet anymore,” he wrote on Twitter. The way I received one greeting after another from yesterday, I am really very emotional. Gradually I have continued to work with them. I am moving forward one step at a time. ”