After The Kerala Story, now the ruckus on The Diary of West Bengal, people watching the trailer said – this is the truth


The Kerala Story के बाद अब The Diary of West Bengal पर बवाल, ट्रेलर देख लोग बोले- यही सच्चाई है

A scene from the trailer of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’Image Credit source: YouTube/@BollygradStudioz

The Diary of West Bengal: After ‘The Kerala Story’ now the film ,The Diary of West Bengal, There has been an uproar about Mamta government is furious after seeing the trailer. A legal notice has been issued against the film’s director Sanoj Mishra. Actually, the injustice done to Hindus in Bengal has been shown in the trailer of the film. Apart from this, there is also mention of Rohingya Muslims. It is alleged that an attempt has been made to defame Bengal and the Government of Bengal through the film. However, looking at the reactions of people on social media, most say that this is the reality of Bengal.

In the beginning of the trailer, it has been told that this film is based on true events. In this Mamta government has been shown as a villain. Along with this, an attempt has also been made to show how the government there is silent on the injustice being done to Hindus in Bengal. As soon as the news of issuing a notice against the film’s director broke on social media, people started giving their respective reactions to the trailer. Some are congratulating Sanoj Mishra for bringing out the truth of Bengal, while some say that he himself is from Bengal and agrees with everything shown in the trailer. Now let’s see that controversial trailer, on which there has been an uproar.

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This is the trailer which created a ruckus

people reaction

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The film is likely to release in August. Jitendra Narayan Singh is its producer. At the same time, Sanoj Mishra has written and directed. Tapas Mukherjee and Achintya Bosh are co-producers of the film. The film is said to be based on Rohingya Muslims.

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