After the killing of saints again in Maharashtra! This time the miscreants entered the ashram and killed the two saints


Bengali Hunt Desk: On Saturday, miscreants killed a sadhu and his associate in the dark of night at Nanded Ashram in Maharashtra. It is heard that the body of the saint was found inside the ashram and the body of his servant was found some distance away from the ashram. Upon receiving the news of the incident, the police recovered the body and sent it for postmortem. Police are investigating the incident.

The case of beating to death of two saints on suspicion of theft at Palghar in Maharashtra has not yet calmed down. In the meantime, the case of killing two more saints came to light. Sadguru Shivacharya lived with his disciples in Nanda's ashram. The miscreants killed Shivacharya on Saturday night.

Later in the morning, when another of his disciples saw him lying dead, he immediately informed the police. After receiving the news of the incident, the police reached the spot and started investigating the case. Not only Shivacharya, one of his disciples was killed inside the ashram. The body of that disciple was found a little far from the ashram.

According to the police, the two saints were killed with the intention of stealing. According to the officers, the way the materials are scattered around, it is clear that someone came to the ashram with the intention of stealing and killed two saints. Police recovered two bodies and sent them for postmortem and are investigating the incident.