After the letter from the central team, the health building instructed to increase the number of corona tests and submit a quick report


BanglaHunt Desk: Recently, a team of Centre's observers came to check the situation in Corona (COVID-19) in the state (West Bengal). After their return, letters kept coming to the state's chief secretary Rajiv Sinha. It is alleged that since receiving the letter, the state has been reluctant to look into the situation.

The center's question was why it takes 7-8 days for the corona test report to come? How many samples are even being sent for testing? State Health Secretary Vivek Kumar on Sunday directed the district magistrate and district health officials to increase the corona test through video conferencing. He even talked about pool tests in infected areas. He added that the number of Corona Tests should be increased quickly. Corona testing should not be done slowly by the School of Tropical Medicine.

After receiving a letter from the Center a few days ago, the Chief Secretary had laid down 11-point guidelines for the ban on Corona. And there has been talk of submitting test reports within 12 hours. Apurba Chandra sent a letter to the Chief Secretary of the state on Sunday after inspecting various Corona Hospitals in Howrah. And they want to know how corona patients are being treated, screened, and even how many people who come in contact with corona are being tested.

Also on Sunday, Union Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gowda held a video conference to discuss the corona virus with the chief secretaries of all the states, home secretaries, DGPs, health secretaries and secretaries of public health technical departments. State Home Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay, DG Srivirendra, Chief Secretary of Public Health Technical Department Manoj Pantha were present at the video conference but the Chief Secretary of Arya was absent due to ill health.