After the US threat, Germany demands 5 billion euros in compensation! Recognize the extreme danger

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Corona virus epidemic is affecting the global economy as well as the health crisis. On the other hand, countries all over the world are watching China's conspiracy behind the virus. America has directly threatened and this time Germany has demanded huge compensation to China. The whole world has been washed away behind the father of the Corona virus.

Like many European countries other than the United States, Germany is also blaming China for the spread of the Corona virus. So far in Germany, about one million people have been infected with the virus, and more than 3,000 have been infected. Germany is in fifth place after the United States, Italy, Spain and France in Corona-affected countries. Corona has done a lot of damage in Germany too. Germany, agitated by the epidemic, has now told China to clear the reckoning.

Germany has sent China a billion euros bill to compensate for the damage caused by the coronavirus. Of these, 20 billion euros were lost to tourism, 1.2 billion euros to the loss of the film industry, 5 billion euros to the loss of German airlines and small businesses, and other bills.

This means that Germany has sent the entire bill to China for the damage caused by the Corona virus. On one side Germany is sending bills, while on the other, America is sending teams to investigate. US President Donald Trump has been in office for a press conference in the White House on Sunday. Trump has said the United States is now investigating whether the deadly virus has been created in China. If it is because of China, then China will suffer.

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