After three months, Baba Raj shared pictures of young celebrities in his mother's lap


Banglahant Desk: Last September 12, Raj Chakraborty (Raj Chakraborty) and Shubhshree Gangopadhyay (subhashree ganguly) came to the family of a new member. Yuvaan, the youngest son of ‘Rajshree’, has been at the top of popularity since birth. From the time he was born to the age of three months due to the wealth of celebrity parents, it seems that Yuvan has grown up in front of the eyes of netizens. Every picture of this little celebrity has gone viral.

Today, on the occasion of his three-year birthday, Baba Raj Chakraborty shared a new picture of Yuvan. It is seen that he is sitting on the lap of mother Shubhshree and looking at the camera with big eyes. In the caption, Raj writes, “My two-eyed jewel, three months of motherhood, Shubhshree.” The image went viral as soon as it was shared.

A few days ago, the director's father shared a sweet picture of the boy and said that Yuvan is waiting for the corona vaccine. Because he can't get out of the house. That picture is wildly viral.

In the picture shared by Raj, Khude Yuvan looked at the camera with a twinkle in his eye. Understanding the boy's feelings, Raj wrote in the caption, “Can anyone tell when the vaccine for Covid 19 will come? I'm getting bored sitting at home. I can't even get out. My size mask is not made. What do I do? '

Needless to say, such a sweet picture must be viral. Netizens have filled Yuvan with affection. Manali and scientists also commented. Sayantika gave a bunch of kissing emojis. Manali wrote, ‘Ole Baba’, caressing Yuvan. With heart emoji.

Raj and Shubhshree are seen hanging out when Yuvan is two months old. Raj shared a picture on his social media handle. It can be seen there that he went out in the car with Shubhshree. The actress was also seen kissing Raj on the cheek.

After managing Yuvan, Shubhshree has started focusing on his career again. The actress is not getting confidence to go out and shoot for the sake of a small child in the corona atmosphere. So he started the photoshoot at home. Shubhshree also shared a photo of the shoot on his Insta handle.