After Uttam Kumar, this time Tarun Kumar's grandson, actor Sourav Bandyopadhyay is sitting on the wedding pedestal.


BanglaHunt Desk: Remarriage in Sanai Tollywood. Again in the family of the great hero Uttam Kumar. Uttam Kumar's grandson Gaurab Chatterjee tied the knot with actress Deblina Kumar on December 10. This time it is the turn of Tarunkumar's grandson Sourav Bandyopadhyay (sourav banerjee).

Sourav's future wife is also an actress, Twarita Chatterjee. He is a well known face in the world of Bengali serials. At the moment, she is playing the role of Sardar's mother in Zee Bangla's popular serial Karunamayi Rani Rasmoni. Like Ja Debelina, Tbrita is also known to be quite good at dancing.

Sourav Tvrita had fixed her wedding day in November or December six months ago. Sometimes it is heard that their marriage has been postponed due to lockdown. However, they have not yet announced their wedding date. It has been learned that like Gaurab Debelina, Saurabh and Tvrita will dress up in a Bengali dress on their wedding day. Elahi Bengali position will also be arranged at the wedding feast.

On the other hand, Deblina and Gaurab's music program was held at Kayalkata Boating Club on 13 December. On this day, Gaurab wore a cream-colored sherwani. Debbie wore a light green and pink lehenga. The newly married couple danced to the beat of popular Hindi songs. December 15 Grand Reception Deblina Gaurab.

Incidentally, Debelina shared a new photo on social media after sharing a photo of Sindurdan recently. In the film, the actress is seen sitting next to Gaurab. Gaurab is going to kiss the cheek of the newly married wife. Debelina is wearing a red tuktuk benarasi, a crown on her head. Gaurab is also wearing red Punjabi and floral print dhoti. A garland of flowers around their necks. Debbie wrote in the caption of the film, 'Mora Dujane'.

Earlier, Deblina was captured on camera with members of Gaurab's family. On the day of Bauvat, he took Gaurab by his side and posed with the family of his father-in-law. On this day, Debelina was wearing a purple Benarsi, next to which was the glory of Tasar's dhoti Punjabi