After watching the video online, alcohol was being made in the house, the police released the news


BanglaHunt Desk: Two people in Tamil Nadu were caught making alcohol while in lockdown. Alcohol lovers are in extreme danger as a lockdown is issued in the country. All shops in the country have been closed due to a lockdown to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus. Only essential product stores are open. However, in this situation alcohol lovers have difficulty. They have lost control over the purchase of alcohol.

In a lockdown issued by Coroner, two people from Tamil Nadu were making alcohol while sitting at home empty-handed while watching video online. Thinking he was building a house, nobody would know anything. They found a way to make wine from a popular video sharing website. But one person gives the news to the local administration. Immediately, police arrived and arrested the two men. Police arrested the two men before they were finished making alcohol.

Earlier, we saw the liquor store closed in the wake of the lockdown, and the thief cut into the shop. Drinking some liquor at the shop and drinking a few bottles of liquor immediately, the liquor loving police. However, in the event of wine making, it is believed that liquor lovers can buy alcohol in the wake of the lockdown. So without seeing any other way, he started making wine himself.

drinks in glasses

If the government is allowed to sell liquor first, the long line of liquor stores may fall. Wine lovers crowded the liquor store without violating social distance. Therefore, the second round of lockdown was made clear at the beginning – this time no discount will be available at the liquor store. As a result, the liquor stores started to take other paths due to the danger of the liquor shops being closed.

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