After watching TV and dancing, he escaped from a big injury. After watching the viral video, Netpara blamed his parents.


viral video: Children can learn a lot by watching TV. The children do a lot of mischief while learning this by watching TV. However, this mischief often causes damage. While watching TV and dancing, the girl did something that her parents could not have imagined. He was saved for a while. The video is wildly viral.

The video belongs to a family in South India. As seen in the video, a song from the Tamil film Lakshmi is shown on TV, where the heroine is dancing on the street and on the bus. A little girl is trying to imitate her by watching her dance on TV.

A member of her family is sitting in the back and recording the girl's dance with great enthusiasm. The heroine of the song performs a stunt while dancing on the bus and jumps up holding the hanging hand of the bus. In such a situation the girl goes to imitate this step.

Going to imitate, he grabbed the TV and pulled. The TV falls off as soon as the child pulls the TV. The TV fell on the girl, but fortunately the child was not injured.

This video was tweeted by a netizen named Kaberi on Twitter. People are making different comments after seeing this shoot of a girl child. Some users have expressed concern about child safety.

Some users have blamed the child's parents for this. According to them, the child is not being taken care of properly. Some users say that the TV should have been mounted on the wall. One user wrote – It was very scary. Thanks, the baby is safe.