Afwaah Review: Sudhir Mishra knows the value of a rumor very well, read the full review of the film


Afwaah Review: एक अफवाह की कीमत अच्छे से जान गए सुधीर मिश्रा, पढ़ें फिल्म का पूरा रिव्यू

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Afwaah Review In Hindi: Famous director Sudhir Mishra has released his film ‘Afwaah’ in the theater after almost five years. Nawazuddin Siddiqui in this film, Bhumi Pednekar And Sumit Vyas is playing the lead role. This film is about what a rumor that is forwarded on social media without investigation can do. If you want to see the rumour, then definitely read this review.


Youth leader Vicky Banna’s (Sumit Vyas) ego takes a blow when he learns that his fiancee Nivi (Bhumi Pednekar) wants to marry Rahab Ahmed. Nivi is from a politician family, her relationship with Vicky has been confirmed by her family. But Nivi neither likes Vicky, nor does his attitude towards other religions. Troubled Nivi falls in love with Rahab who has come to India from abroad. Both run away from home.

When this news reaches Vicky, he and his goons try hard to catch Nivi and Rahab, but both fail to get caught. From the beginning, Vicky, who is famous for giving speeches to provoke the society, spreads a rumor against both of them against (Nimi) and Rahab. In this rumour, Vicky says that his fiancee has been a victim of love jihad and a Muslim man has eloped with his Hindu fiancee Nivi. How this one rumor will change the life of an innocent couple and how costly forwarding a message can prove to be, has been presented beautifully in this film. To see what will happen next with this rumour, you will have to watch it in the Rumor theatre.

acting and directing

Like always, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has done amazing acting in this film too. Bhumi is also seen supporting Nawazuddin in every matter of acting. Along with Sumit Vyas, other actors have also tried their best to do justice to their character.

Sudhir Mishra’s unmatched direction makes this story unique, but it could have shown wonders on OTT more than theatre. It was necessary to show how a WhatsApp message can harm today’s generation, which takes the help of social media for everything from makeup to cooking. Everyone will be able to relate to this film. If someone’s perspective of seeing these WhatsApp forward messages changes after watching the film, then what is the matter.

see why

In today’s era of WhatsApp forwards, it is very important to watch this film. This film makes us realize that there is a life outside social media. Must watch this movie to know what storm social media can bring in your life.

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