Again, Salman, actor sends ration in truck-filled rations after financing


BanglaHunt Desk: Earlier it was learned that Salman has taken over the responsibility of the wages of the workers of 20,000 daily wages. This time he set the record for humanity. Those workers in the industry, who are daily wage workers, are locked out of this lockdown. So, this time, they filled the truck and sent a ration to Salman Khan.

His colleague Baba Siddiqui shared photos of the activities on his Twitter handle. He wrote, “Thank you Salomon for your generous attitude towards daily wage workers. You are always one step ahead of others in helping others, and you have proved it again and again. ' Everyone confesses in secret that Salman Satyani is the real 'hero'.

Earlier it was learned that he has taken over the responsibility of the remuneration of 20,000 daily wage workers of the Mumbai film industry. The list of the names of those 20,000 workers has reached a very important level. Salman has arranged a monthly salary of Tk 5,000 for the workers. Even the bank account information of those workers for the job has been reached. The actor made this arrangement so that there would be no irritation over the remuneration money. As long as the lockdown goes on, Salomon said he will continue to do so.

Salman has taken over the responsibility of the family of the 28-day-old daily employee of Mumbai Film Industry. Among these employees are technicians, junior artists and many others. Salomon's company has also learned about all their bank accounts so that they can receive daily payments. It has been reported that Yash Raj Films is also paying a salary of Tk.

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