Again, the migrant worker came to Sajar and crushed the wheel of the government bus


Banglahant Desk: On the way home, some migrant workers could not even imagine the tragic way to be crushed to death by the wheels of the bus. The workers were returning to their hometown from Punjab after migrating to Vinh State in search of work. Despite the ban on migrant workers returning on foot after the Aurangabad incident, the bus wheels were crushed by the migrant workers.

Incident details

The accident took place at 11 am on Wednesday in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. They started their journey home from Punjab on foot due to the lockdown. But their hopes were dashed. Six migrant workers were crushed to death by the wheels of a government bus, and two others are in critical condition.

It is known from eyewitnesses

A government bus rushed towards them at the speed of Amchakai storm. Seeing them, he could not control himself and left. The bodies of 6 people were crushed on the spot and they died there. Several others were seriously injured in the bus collision. Eyewitnesses could not see the area as it was dark. Later all of them were taken to the hospital.

Police sources said

The dead were all returning from Punjab. These migrant workers were residents of Gopalganj, Bihar and Bhojpur. The driver may have been driving the bus too loud as there were no passengers in the crashed bus. That is why this tragic accident happened.

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh expressed his sorrow

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was shocked by this accident. He again instructed the administrative officials to ensure that no more migrant workers return home on foot in the future.

Another accident took place in Guna, Madhya Pradesh late on Wednesday night. Where a migrant worker was killed in a head-on collision with a truck and a bus. And more than 54 other migrant workers were injured.