Again the viral Turkish musician Bilal, played this popular Punjabi song


viral video: Just a few days ago, Turkish musician Bilal Gerezen went viral for his music. His music went viral on almost every social media site. This time he went viral by playing popular Punjabi songs.

Not long ago, Bilal wowed local netizens with his presentation of the Bollywood classic “Kalia Ka Chaman”. Pleased to see the impressive response to the video, Garageen has now tried Dal’s Mehndi’s popular Punjabi track ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’.

Unsurprisingly, the garage went viral for this year’s popular “vibrating cat” meme, where a visually impaired musician plays drumbea on a bench while an animated cat pushes his head to the tune.

Since being shared online, the 4.20-minute video has garnered more than 1.7 million views. The video has gone viral. The praise of this musician has overflowed in the net world One netizen wrote, “I like how he is trying despite not being able to pronounce Punjabi words correctly”.