“Age is also the reason for being dropped from the team,” Irfan Pathan scoffed at Dhoni


After the seven-run loss to Sunrisers Hyderabad on Friday, the Chennai Super Kings, led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, scored a hat-trick after losing three matches in a row in the IPL. Cricket fans have probably never seen such a disappointing performance of Chennai Super Kings since 2008. With the disappointing performance of the Chennai team, questions have also started to arise about Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Because Dhoni survived at the crease yesterday but still had to lose to Chennai. It is not uncommon for the world's best finisher Mahendra Singh Dhoni to survive at the crease and lose his team. Yesterday, Hyderabad lost to Chennai Super Kings despite Dhoni surviving at the crease. After the match loss, however, Dhoni cited the heat of the emirate as the reason. However, during the match, everyone can understand that this time Dhoni may be old. Because during the match, Dhoni was repeatedly seen panting while taking runs. Also, Dhoni could not connect properly with the bat and ball. As a result, Chennai Super Kings lost the match.

After such a performance of Dhoni, a storm of criticism has started on social media. Many have claimed that Dhoni may not be able to. This time Dhoni should stay away from cricket. In such a situation, Chennai captain Dhoni was teased by his former teammate Irfan Pathan. On this day, Irfan Pathan tweeted, “For some, age is just a number, for others, age is the reason for being dropped from the team.” And since Irfan Pathan's tweet, the speculation has been increasing.