Agra bus Hijack case mastermind encountered by Yogi police, may have to cut off legs!


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Agra police had an encounter with Pradeep Gupta, the main accused in the hijacking of a bus carrying 34 passengers on the New South Bypass in the Malpura area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAgra on Tuesday night. Police arrested Pradeep after he was shot in the right leg. And another of his companions was able to escape from the scene. One constable was injured in the encounter. On Tuesday night, miscreants hijacked a bus carrying passengers on the southern bypass of Malpura area. The bus driver and Khalasi reported the incident to Malpura police station around 6 am on Wednesday.

The double decker bus carrying 34 passengers from Gurugram was hijacked from Agra to capture it. The incident took place under the supervision of ARTO's broker Pradeep Gupta. The empty bus was rescued from the side of a dhaba on Wednesday. The district police conducted spot checks to nab Pradeep Gupta. According to police, Pawan Arora, owner of Kalpana Travels in Gwalior, registered the bus at Etawah ART.

At that time Pradeep Gupta was the biggest broker in the office. Pradeep Gupta gave Pawan a permit along with financial help to buy this bus. Pawan died of corona three days ago. Pradeep had been trying to seize the bus since he heard the news. And on that basis he went to Agra.

Pradeep hijacked the bus after it left the Agra bus stand. Pradeep took the bus driver off the bus with 300 rupees. The search operation started as soon as the news reached the ears of the police. Fearing danger, Pradeep left the bus in front of a dhaba and fled. Then the police found him and encountered him.