AIMIM leader threatens police on duty outside mosque, case filed


Banglahant Desk: Allegations of obstruction and intimidation of police constables have been leveled against Murtaza Ali of Hyderabad Police AIMIM Party Corporation. Besides, a case has been filed against him.

On Thursday, April 30, Murtaza Ali was seen in a viral video threatening and obstructing two constables while they were on duty near a mosque on Chavni River Ali Beg in Hyderabad. AIMIM Corporation Mohammad Murtaza Ali was seen publicly threatening two police constables in the Madannapet area of ​​Hyderabad. The two constables were on duty at Iftar last evening.

According to reports, Madannapet SHO Santosh Kumar confirmed the news and said that police constables did not allow more than 50 people inside the mosque to enter due to social distance due to nationwide lockdown. It is learned that about 10 people were inside at that time.