Air Force, fighting on virus, PPE-mask-VTM kit arrives in Delhi from Delhi


BanglaHunt Desk: The corona virus from China has wreaked havoc all over the world. Many have been infected with the virus. Died again Along with this, there is a government-announced lockdown. The Air Force is playing a role in the fight against the virus by delivering drugs and medical supplies. On Monday, the Bagdogra arrived in Delhi with the requisite medical supplies from the air carrier's cargo plane. After that, the medical material was delivered to the helicopter from Bagdogra by helicopter.

Six boxes were brought from Delhi. These include 3 PPE, 3 thousand N95 masks. 2.22 lakh three ply masks, 1 use and throw gown and 5 VTM kits. A total of 5kg of odor reached the airspace of Sikkim in the air. Everything in the package is now a must for healthcare workers struggling to cope with Corona. And to meet that need, helicopters fly airplanes.

The Chief Minister of Sikkim PS Goals wrote on Facebook, “Our government has contacted various suppliers even though there is a lack of provision in the entire market. After this, emergency medical supplies will be brought to Bagdogra from Mumbai to Delhi first. Then the gangster will have to bring them. “

He also wrote that it would benefit those health workers who are fighting in the first row to fight Corona. At the same time, ensuring the safety of Sikkim residents is our main goal and will do whatever is necessary for it. The man next to the man.

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