Air Force MiG-29 crashes in Punjab, pilot safe


An Indian Air Force fighter jet has crashed in Punjab near the village of Rurki Kalan in Nawanshahr district this afternoon. Although the pilot of the plane in this case is now hospitalized. SSP Hoshiarpur Gaurab Garg said the pilot was rushed to hospital after being rescued. He has been admitted to the local hospital in Hoshiarpur. The Air Force MiG-99 plane crashed this afternoon.

The pilot was rescued

An Indian Air Force official has already said the pilot was expected to get out safely. The MiG-29 fighter jet crashed near Hoshiarpur district of Punjab today. But now the situation is normal. The problem occurred due to a technical fault in the aircraft during the flight and then after the plane crashed.

The accident happened after leaving in the morning

The flight left at 10.45 am after routine training. But the pilot tried to control the plane, but the plane went out of control. The pilot was later rescued by helicopter. The pilot MK Pandey was sent to Hoshiarpur Civil Hospital for treatment.

Being investigated

The Air Force has ordered an investigation into the incident. Exactly what caused the incident will be investigated and if necessary, action has been taken.