Air India joins hands with Vistara, now passengers will not have any problem


एअर इंडिया ने विस्तारा के साथ मिलाया हाथ, अब यात्रियों को नहीं होगी कोई परेशानी

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The partnership of Air India and Vistara will enable passengers to book their flights on any airline and will provide convenience to passengers to multiple domestic as well as international destinations. Air India on Wednesday announced that it has entered into an interline partnership with full-service carrier, Vistara, to help passengers travel smoothly between the two airlines’ networks. In this interline arrangement, an airline can issue and accept tickets that are operated by a partner airline.

The partnership between Air India and Vistara will allow Air India customers to access Vistara’s domestic network and Vistara passengers to access over 80 points of Air India’s domestic and global network. Explain that this partnership agreement with Vistara has been done when Vistara is in the process of merger with Tata owned airline.

The airline says that Air India and Vistara have also implemented ‘Interline Consideration on Irregular Operations (IROP)’ or ‘Resolution Transfer’ functionality. IROP will enable the two airlines to transfer passengers to each other’s first available alternate flights, in case of delay, cancellation, diversion and to minimize any inconvenience to their passengers.

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Air India will provide better facilities

Air India has over 100 interline agreements and close to 50 through check-in agreements with partner airlines globally, such as Lufthansa, United Airlines, Air Canada and Singapore Airlines, among others. Air India Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) Campbell Wilson said that it is pleased with its interline partnership with Vistara, which will provide better connectivity and convenience to customers traveling within and outside India.

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Partnership brings together two airlines

According to sources, the partnership with Air India and Vistara brings together two major airlines in India to provide greater convenience and better connectivity to the traveling customers. Air India can fulfill its objective of further strengthening its relationships and connecting customers to new destinations.

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