Airports, courts, etc. are run by 5 people including the Prime Minister, who want to harm the farmers – Rahul Gandhi

BanglaHunt Desk: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has stood by the farmers from the very beginning in protest of the agricultural bill. The Prime Minister has also slammed the government and the BJP for demanding repeal of the Agriculture Act. Meanwhile, when the peasants were protesting on the Delhi border, Rahul Gandhi was not less criticized for going to Italy to celebrate the New Year. Even after returning, he had to face many questions.

Once again, Rahul Gandhi took part in the peasant movement in full form. On Friday, the Congress leader took to the streets in support of the farmers in Delhi. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and General Secretary Priyanka led the protest in front of Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal's residence. He also decided to observe Farmers' Rights Day all day on Friday.

Attacking the BJP government from today's meeting, he said, “This law has been made to eliminate the farmers. This law will not benefit the farmers. The law must be withdrawn by the BJP government immediately, otherwise the Congress will not back down. At the same time, Krishi Bilak attacked the central government calling it 'anti-farmer'.

He added, “Prime Minister Modi does not want the farmers well. He can only show anger at opponents of agricultural law. He thought, the farmers have no power, they will leave in 10-15 days. But the farmers will not go, you have to go. Airports, courts কিছু all run by 5 people including the Prime Minister. They all want to go against the farmers and get rid of them.