Ajay kills wife in front of Kajol, while shooting with Shah Rukh


BanglaHunt Desk: Who is the first name of Bollywood to be the most successful duo? Many may say Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan. But there is another pair of Shah Rukh-Gauri period whose forgetting about them will not last at all. They are Ajay Devas and Kajal. They have been with each other for 20 years. The family of two has grown to four. Naisha and Yuga have come into their lives. But not everything was so good from the beginning. Kajal-Ajay has to go through many difficult times. Twice in the midst of the pain of abortion, the actress had to go through.
The couple decided to have children soon after the wedding. But Kajol lost her first child in her womb. At that time Ajay stood by his side. Shortly afterwards, the second child came into her womb. Meanwhile, the shooting of 'Kovi Khushi Kovi wheat' is underway. There were several dance scenes in the film. Despite Ajay Baran, he shot dance with Shah Rukh Khan.

It is known that Kajol became misscaged on the dance set. On hearing the news, Ajay rushed to the shooting set. Kajal kicked in front of everyone in the set. The bug controversy is also with director Karan Johar.
After this incident, there was a closure of Kavi Khwi Kavi wheat for several days. Then, of course, everything is back to normal. Now Ajay Kajal, the world of happiness with the Naisha and the era. But the relationship with Shah Rukh and Karan has not yet completely normalized with Ajay Dev. They couldn't be seen too much together.

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