Akshay in a thrilling adventure with beer grills, played tea made of elephant mall! Watch that video


BanglaHunt Desk: Akshay Kumar did an unimaginable thing while going to the Bear Grylls show. Bollywood's 'players' drink tea made from elephant feces. Akshay himself shared the video of this 'Daredevil' work on Instagram. Along with that he showed some glimpses of his thrilling adventure with Bear Grylls.

It was earlier reported that Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is going to appear in the popular television show 'Man Versus Wild'. He will share the screen of Beer Grills. Will travel together in the thrilling adventures of the forest. The teaser has already been released. This time, Akshay shared a glimpse of some new scenes to add to the excitement.

In that video, it has been seen that the beer grills have allowed Akshay to drink tea made with elephant feces. Actor Amlan ate it with his body. On the other hand, Grylls threw away his share of tea with a twinkle in Akshay's eye. The video shows glimpses of various thrilling stunts, such as crossing a river full of crocodiles with ropes tied, climbing over a bridge with a rope.

This special episode of the show 'In to the Wild with Bear Grills' was shot at Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Akshay shot this special episode in January. The episode will air on Discovery Plus on September 11 at 8 pm and will air on Discovery on September 14 at 8 pm.

Akshay is currently in Britain shooting for 'Bell Bottom'. He appeared on the Bear Grylls show this year. Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen on a Grylls show. Then superstar Rajinikanth also appeared in this show. This time Akshay fans are eagerly waiting to see the actor's adventures.