Akshay Kumar extends his hand to help again, this time he gives Rs 3 crore to BMC


Bangla Hunt Desk: The whole country is now one in the fight against coronavirus. On March 25, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a lockdown for 28 days across India because of the epidemic. And he set up a fund called PM Cares to fight the epidemic. He appealed to the people to donate to the fund. After that the artists, businessmen, actors, actresses of the country started donating to the fund. Akshay Kumar announced a donation of Tk 20 million to the fund by sharing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's tweet.

Akshay Kumar did not stop with the donation of Tk 20 million to PM Cares. He again extended a helping hand to the Mumbai Corporation (BMC) at a cost of Rs 3 crore. Akshay Kumar donates this to purchase PPE, Mass and Corona Testing Kit. Let me tell you, Maharashtra has been the most affected in Corona all over India. Up to 6 people have been infected with this deadly virus so far, and 4 have lost their lives.

Earlier, he had donated Tk 20 million to fight against this coroner in the PM Cares Fund. Tweeting Akshay Kumar wrote, 'At this time everyone's life is in crisis. And we should do something in this crisis. Something that we can do. I promise to donate Tk 20 million from my savings to the PM Cares Fund. Let's save lives. “

Not only Akshay Kumar in the PM Cares Fund, the country's famous industrialists have donated to Tata, Eupro and the people of the country. So far over 3,000 people have been infected with this deadly virus all over India. 4 people lost their lives. On the other hand, people have returned home after recovering from this virus.

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