‘Akshay Kumar has given contract to kill me’, serious allegations against KRK player Kumar


KRK Tweet:

KRK Tweet: Actor and self-styled film critic Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK Always remain limelight regarding his statements. His statements are such that he often gets into trouble. Due to his tweets and statements, many KRKs have also got stuck in legal issues. But KRK, who scared everyone with his given review and his words, has now revealed his fear himself.

KRK has revealed many shocking things through his new tweet. According to KRK, Akshay Kumar gives him betel nut to kill him. Akshay wanted to get him killed in jail itself. But he came out. However, Kamal Rashid Khan also says that Akshay Kumar has once again given a betel nut to his name and has made a plan to kill him in jail or at the police station.

It is written in KRK’s tweet that I have good relations with everyone in Bollywood except Akshay Kumar! It was he who had given me my betel nut to kill me in jail and got me arrested. I was lucky to get out of jail. He is again giving my betel nut to kill me in police station or jail. If anything happens to me, Akshay Kumar will be fully responsible for it. Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar have nothing to do with my murder.

Apart from this, KRK has made another tweet and has written that according to Akshay Kumar, I should not call him Canadian Kumar. Why shouldn’t I call him Canadian when he is a Canadian National. When he has property worth crores of rupees in Canada? I would definitely call him the Canadian Kumar. It is okay if he will use his power to kill me.

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However, till now no reaction has come to the notice of Akshay Kumar on this allegation made by KRK and as expected Khiladi Kumar is not going to say anything on this issue. KRK is seen reviewing the film of the stars on the coming days. However, how many times has he said very bitter things about Salman and his films. Kamal Rashid Khan’s name is often surrounded in controversies.

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