Alert for the coroner in the month of Ramadan, the guidelines

BanglaHunt Desk: The Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Which starts on April 28 It will run until May 27 at 4 But in the wake of the outbreak of the Corona virus this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has requested not to pray in Ramadan. Hu's plea, that no religious gathering should be held during Ramadan The social distance must be maintained to avoid corona.

The WHO said it must maintain a distance of at least 5 feet to prevent coronary infection Hu said on the guideline, many of these holy Muslims increased their visits to the mosque during the month of Ramadan. Many people pray together. Particularly in the last ten days the number of attendance has increased significantly in many mosques. But this year it will not happen Distance must be maintained to prevent the transmission of corona virus

Following the directives of the World Health Organization, many religious leaders of the Muslim community have applied to maintain social distance during Ramadan. But in the meantime, some radical leaders in some major Muslim countries are trying to mislead people. That is, it is necessary to pray to God to prevent the Kornet Therefore, it is only at this time that more prayers should be gathered The danger for such religious leaders is also increasing in Pakistan Make clear to everyone in the world the WHO application, what can and cannot be done during Ramadan – clearly. National policy should be taken in this regard

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