All accounts of PM Cares' money are claimed by the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi


BanglaHunt Desk: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had earlier demanded that the details of the money received through the Cares Fund be made public. Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday. A lot of money was deposited in the Prime Minister's Care Fund from public services like PSU and Railways. The Prime Minister should monitor it and give complete information to the people. ”Rahul Gandhi spoke to the media through video conferencing. Earlier, he had said that he would provide the information to the government through the Prime Minister's Cares Fund. But as there was no work, he made the same demand again on Friday.

This is what Rahul Gandhi said on Twitter on Saturday

In a tweet on Saturday night, Rahul Gandhi said, “It is very important for the Prime Minister to conduct an audit of this fund. In addition to these, grants and expenditure accounts should be brought to the notice of the people.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi also said that he would provide information

But there are reports that the Comptroller and Auditor General cannot investigate the fund to assist in the fight against Corona. And this fund should be audited now because the people of the country have the right to know the grant. That is why Rahul Gandhi has asked the Prime Minister to calculate the expenditure received from the Cares Fund from the very beginning. This initiative did not happen even after Rahul Gandhi repeatedly informed the government for a grant.