Allegations of 'theft' against Nusrat, Trinamool MP in the face of fierce criticism


BanglaHunt Desk: Allegations of 'theft' were leveled against Nusrat Jahan. The actress-actress has had to face criticism for using an artist's picture in her post without permission, without mentioning her name. He is facing trolls again on social media.

Yesterday was the 25th of Baishakh. Due to the lockdown, it was not possible to celebrate the poet's birthday with style this year. That is why Rabindranath enthusiasts have done poetic prostration online at home. Nusrat is no exception. The actress shared a picture on her Insta handle. He greeted Rabindranath with a hand-painted portrait of Rabindranath.

After that the goal was scored. One comment after another is read in Nusrat's film. Netizens are firing on MPs for not mentioning the artist's name. In fact, the artist of this film is Indrajith Mandal. He made this sketch of the poet in pen and pencil. But Nusrat posted the unknown picture without acknowledging him.
Because of this, Nusrat has had to face the wrath of the netizens. One asked why he covered the name of the artist by editing. Another commented that it would have been better to give the name of the artist who used the paintings and writings.
In this context, Nusrat said, he got the picture from the internet. The artist's name was not mentioned there. But he had no intention of becoming an artist himself and disrespecting another artist.