Alo hair, new fashion statement in a coat with a sari, Nusrat sent love from London! Viral picture


Binglahant Desk: Off-white sari, black coat, light brown hair unrestrained. This is how Trinamool MP and actress Nusrat Jahan caught on the streets of London. Who has the ability to turn a blind eye to his enchanting look?

Nusrat Jahan is currently in London shooting for a new film. In between work, he occasionally delivers messages from London to fans. Chutiye is enjoying the cold weather there. Photos, videos shared by the actress are going viral on social media.

Nusrat shared some new pictures like this. Even after going abroad, he has adopted the sari. Matching coat with. The MP actress looks beautiful with her hair open. He also expressed his love for cold weather through captions.

Nusrat also took a selfie and posted it on Instagram after reading the screenplay of the new film 'Swastik Sanket'. On the other hand, he shared a boomerang video on Insta Story. He was captured on camera wearing jeans, a black top and a pink jacket.

The Trinamool MP has shared a video before arriving in London. Nusrat was captured on camera wearing a leather jacket and tight top. Open hair has made her look more enchanting. The actress was seen walking the streets of London without a mask. Returning to the shooting, he seems to have breathed a sigh of relief.

Incidentally, the MP actress flew to London for the shooting of 'Swastik Sanket'. This movie is going to be in the genre of adventure thriller. The film is based on author Debarati Mukherjee's novel 'Hell Sign'.

Apart from Nusrat, Shaswat Chattopadhyay, Gaurab Chakraborty and Rudranil Ghosh will also be seen in the film. Sayantan Ghoshal is in charge of directing the film. The film is being produced by SK Movies. Nusrat is teaming up with this first glory.