Amartya Sen once again made the face of Bengalis shine in the court of the world, winning this award as the first Indian

Amartya Sen was the first Bengali to win the Nobel Prize in Economics. This time the Nobel laureate economist of Bengal was honored with another distinguished honor. He was the first Indian to receive the traditional Peace Prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

This time the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany is virtual. Book publishers and authors from around the world are participating in the book fair online. The award was officially announced on Sunday at the famous Paul Church in Frankfurt. Amartya has repeatedly spoken out against global education, health and social inequality. He has also worked to alleviate poverty in the world economy. All this was recognized by this traditional book fair in Germany.

This award has been given since 1950. No Indian has received this award before. Before Amartya Sen, this award has been given to personalities like Octavio Paz, Yehudi Menuhin, Orhan Pamuk, Chinua Achebe. On the same day, the President of Germany praised the Bengali Nobel laureate at the award ceremony.

He also won the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences (known as the Nobel Prize in Economics) in 1997 for his contributions to research on famine, human development theory, public welfare economics, and the underlying causes of poverty and liberal politics. Amartya Sen invented the Human Development Index to get an idea of ​​education and human resource development in different countries of the United Nations. He was the first to be awarded the National Humanities Medal without being a citizen of the United States.