Amartya Sen praised Narendra Modi for tackling the Corona


Banglahant Desk: Amartya Sen has always been known as a critic of Narendra Modi. India's first Nobel laureate economist was one of the main critics of the 2016 note captivity. But Amartya Sen praised the country's government in the Corona situation.

In an interview with a popular media outlet, he said Prime Minister Corona understood the importance of the crisis earlier than many other statesmen. But before deciding to deal with Corona, the life and livelihood of the common man should have been given more thought. However, the senior economist did not separately blame Modi for the migrant workers' problems.

Earlier, heads of state from many countries, starting with the World Health Organization, praised Modi for his response to Corona. Microsoft founder Bill Gates also praised Modi for the way the lockdown was announced before the Corona infection spread. But Amartya's praise of Modi as a critic will undoubtedly boost the confidence of the people in the country towards the Prime Minister.

The number of corona cases in India at the moment is 35,902, with 183 deaths. 3600 newly attacked yesterday. Which is the highest incidence in India in a single day. In Maharashtra alone, the number of victims is 18,656.