Amazing event! Babies born with one or three genders, doctors are shocked

BanglaHunt Desk: Three Penises Boy for a newborn. Such a rare event came to the medical world this time. The doctors were shocked to see that. It happened in Duhok, Iraq.

It is learned that the baby was brought to the doctor by his parents with swollen testicles. Although the doctors there did not understand anything at the initial estimate, such a rare case came up later in the examination. Doctors understand that the baby was born with three males.

Baby Boy Born Without Penis In Turkey - LADbible

Doctors said that the baby’s second penis was coming out from the side of the first penis and the third penis was coming out from under the testicles. However, it is even more surprising to see that the baby does not have ureters in the other two sexes. As a result the doctors operated and removed the remaining two penises of the baby from the body.

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The baby did not come in contact with any wrong medicine while it was in the womb and neither did the family sources. Doctors have described the incident as “rare” because no such thing had been found in medical journals before. This is the first time in such a ‘Trifalia’ gender medical journal (Medical History). As a result it became a record in the medical world.

However, it should be noted that this incident is the first case registered in the Medical Journal, but such an incident was noticed in India in 2015. However, as the service was not recorded in the medical journal, this is the first case of this child in Iraq. In India also a child was born with 3 males.