Amazon, flipkart to launch on April 27?


BanglaHunt Desk: A second round lockdown is already taking place across the country. Meanwhile, online retailers like Flipkart, Amazon and Paytm Mall are reportedly starting to launch their businesses after April 20. The disadvantage of such services was the difficulty of the general public, which is expected to be discontinued after April 24.

Although much is yet to be said about the matter, no official guidance has yet been reached by the central government. However, the home ministry issued a guideline on Wednesday. So that some services may be subject to conditional concession after 25 April. The government has decided to continue the supply of essential supplies every day. In this case, these e-commerce sites think that this discount will be available in the case of e-commerce. That is why this preparation is known.
During the lockdown, Narendra Modi asked the countrymen to do a number of things, 'Satwa Bata May Apaka Saath'. Which are-

3) If there is any sick person in the house at this time, he should be taken care of properly. They have to be protected from the corona virus infection.

2) Lockdown and social distance signs should be adhered to. Homemade masks or any type of cloth made mask should be used.

3) To increase the immune system of the body, the advice that doctors are advised to follow. Always drink hot water or tea.

3) To prevent the transmission of Corona virus, you need to download the 'Cure Bridge' app. Others will be asked to use this app too.

3) Need to help as many poor families as possible. Help them with their food items.

3) Humanity must be shown in the business field. No person can be fired.

3) All the corona warriors of the country, ie doctors, nurses, cleansing personnel, police personnel, should show respect. They have to obey.

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