'Ambulance Dada' biopic of Karimul Haque to be made, Shah Rukh Khan or Sonu Sood to act


BanglaHunt Desk: Jalimiguri's 'Ambulance Dada' Karimul Hoque. So far, his popularity has spread all over the country and even abroad. He has been providing free ambulance service to the villagers for a long time. He also made the ambulance with his own hands. Received Padma Shri honor.

This time a biopic of Karimul Haque is going to be made. Last Friday, he signed a contract with Bollywood producer Karim Morani. It is learned that Binoy Mudgil is in charge of directing the film. Rumors of Shah Rukh Khan playing the role of Karimul are intensifying.

On the other hand, it is heard that Sonu Sood can also be seen in the role of Karimul. The shooting of the film will start in January next year. The news of Karimul Haque's biopic has been heard for the last two years. Finally came that happy day.

Karimul Haque, a resident of Rajadanga, a village near Jalpaiguri. If someone in the village suddenly falls ill, he has to study in a hurry. Because of the great lack of ambulance service in the village. This is why Karimul's sick mother died almost without treatment.

From that day onwards, Karimul Haque took the helm himself. He bought a bike and built his own ambulance. Don't take a penny. The name of the ambulance grandfather has become in the face of the people of Karimul's ambulance. The villagers are also happy with the news of his biopic.

Karimul's statement on this subject, “I am very happy that my work will be photographed. The director has met with the producer actors. I want to send a good message to the people through the pictures. ”